Time to be serious now. Time to get your Vision very clear on what you are doing and where you are going. Time to be Empowered and Conquer!!!

What we will be covering in this session:

  • You have completed all the groundwork
  • You start looking at consequences
  • You start believing in yourself, you can do it
  • Inventing the possibility
  • You make an Action Plan
  • You make the Commitment

Exercises for Phase 5

Exercise 29  – Consequences to think about

Try not to get caught up in the negative here, it is more about how will you cope  if things do not work out.

Exercise 30 – Do you believe you can do it? 

It is important that you have faith in yourself and your ability.

Exercise 31  – Inventing the Possibility

This is one of my favourite exercises, as it works if you write your Possibility’ out as  often as you can

Exercise 32 – Action Plan

What is the purpose of doing all the work, if there is no plan. A Plan keeps you focused and committed, Go for it!

Exercise 33  – Your Commitment to Yourself 

List what you have decided to do

Exercise 34 – Keeping centred when going for a job

This is a reminder for you to fill out when you are going for your interview or when you are thinking of changing your job/career.

Exercise 35 – Looking after Yourself 

There is no one more important during this ‘Stage’ than yourself. Take good care of YOU.

Exercise 36 – Reflection

Time to Reflect

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