This is where you bring together all the information you have gathered so far from previous exercises and go through with a fine-tooth comb and list what is important, what you have realised, what ‘light bulb’ moments you had, what it is you would like to do.

What we will be covering in this session:

  • Clarifying what you are good at
  • Deciding on Training
  • Discovering Networking
  • Establishing the right type of people to talk to
  • Considering Coaching or Counselling or both


  • The most important thing is to not put pressure on yourself. You do this at your own pace.
  • Relax and enjoy your learning
  • Always have your journal close by to jot down ideas/ thoughts/concerns
  • Have a beverage close by
  • Turn off your phone
  • Have a notepad handy
  • Pen/pencil/coloured pens
  • Always complete the exercises
  • Email us if you have any questions
  • Enjoy!!! Your learning

Download and complete exercises for Phase 4

Exercise 22 : Clarifying where you may want to go

These questions are to help trigger anything which you may have forgotten or enjoyed doing.

Exercise 23: Training

Questions to help clarify your thoughts on Training

Exercise 24: Networking

Only a few questions with this exercise but the few are important to check to see if there are any blockages

Exercise 25: My plan to network over the next six weeks

Time to put in place a plan

Exercise 26: The ten commandments of networking

Great knowledge to have about networking

Exercise 27: Write your story

Quite a few questions to trigger your thoughts again and then finish off with writing your story, writing what you would like to do. With the questions asked in this exercise and previous exercises hopefully, you can fill a page on ‘writing your story’ What will you come up with?

Exercise 28: Reflection

Time to reflect on any ‘light bulb’ moments you may have had

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