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When recruiting, we look at a candidate’s experience and beyond. Because attitudes and personality also play a part in finding the right fit – for you, and the company you want to work for. Our goal is to find the perfect match – so you can take the next step in your career, and your new employer continues moving forward. 

  • Are you looking for your next position and unsure as to how to approach this successfully?
  • Have you applied for some roles and have been unsuccessful in getting an interview even though you thought you matched all of the criteria?
  • Do you want to make a change in your career but uncertain as to what steps you need to undertake next?
  • Have you applied for many roles and keep getting rejection for all of them – what’s going on?
  • Have you considered  career counselling?


  • a clearly delineated strategy to get your next job
  • it will give you a clear pathway and remove the “extraneous  noise” that you are faced with when looking for a career change
  • this will therefore remove your self – doubt, your frustrations and allow you to focus on your future.

If the answer is YES,   then you will have a very rewarding outcome with Trevor who has had over 20 years’ recruitment experience. He can expertly advise you on what you need to do, how to do it and pass on some very valuable tips and strategies that are personalised FOR YOU.  This will incorporate a “face to face meeting” or ZOOM/TEAMS call for up to 2 hours +  An action plan + on going email support to resolve WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!

Want to know more?

  • For further details on the how, the when, the why and the

    what is required (including your investment cost), 

What our clients say about us

2 hours of talking to Trevor were more productive than 6 months of trying to find a job without defined directions. He reviewed my CV, listened to my interests and goals to provide a tailored direction that can be pursued for landing a job that meets all my requirements


Trevor is incredibly kind, supportive, knowledgeable, and inspiring…a truly great career coach!


I had the pleasure of working with Trevor over the last weeks, and his dedication and personalised approach are exceptional.

He took the time to understand my motivations and passions and helped me identify roles that matched my aspirations. Throughout the application process, he was incredibly supportive, promptly reviewing all my applications and providing invaluable guidance and moral support during the interview stages.

Thanks Trevor! 




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