In this phase, you go even deeper. You are going to start asking more serious questions of yourself and hopefully start to understand yourself better. This is where, hopefully, you will have ‘light bulb’ moments. If you have difficulty with the exercises in this Phase a great way to overcome this is to ask yourself Open-Ended questions, such as, What is the reason I am feeling this way? What is my Passion? How come I am turning inwards and not wanting to mix? What am I missing? Or Just start writing and many times your answers will come.

What we will be covering in this session:

  • Feeling unsettled
  • Skills
  • Strengths


  • The most important thing is to not put pressure on yourself. You do this at your own pace.
  • Relax and enjoy your learning
  • Always have your journal close by to jot down ideas/ thoughts/concerns
  • Have a beverage close by
  • Turn off your phone
  • Have a notepad handy
  • Pen/pencil/coloured pens
  • Always complete the exercises
  • Email us if you have any questions
  • Enjoy!!! Your learning

Download and complete exercises for Phase 3 Part 1

Exercise  9:  Introducing you to Turning Inwards and Understanding the concept

Exercise 10: Looking at Your Fears

There are some unusual questions to answer Yes or No and the reason is for you to understand if
you do have any FEARS attached to that particular question.

Exercise 11:  Looking at Your Skills

Always try and remember you have other skills, other than the ones you use for work

Exercise 12: Looking at Your Strengths (Same as above)

Exercise 13: Looking at Your Weaknesses

We all have them, own up to them and be empowered

Exercise 14: Start Exploring Your Passions

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