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Your career path typically takes many twists and turns. You learn and progress along the way and outgrow roles and responsibilities – sometimes stepping up the ladder, and other times stepping sideways, deciding on a new path. Regardless of the industry you work in, you’ve probably experienced some or all of the above. 

Transition to TranZitionis an online course  that aims to help working professionals make sense of their career journey, and make their next career transition. With a focus on the five key stages of transitions, this course will help you gain an understanding of the blockages holding you back from the next step you want to take, as well as the opportunities ahead. 

By reflecting on and analysing your career, you will be able to define your future goals and map out tactics to get there. You will also have time to process and unpack emotions connected to your transition.

Combining active learning, knowledge resources, weekly activities and reflection, this course will take you through each of the five transition stages, allowing you to apply learnings to your specific circumstances. 

You will complete this course with a:

  • Clear career direction to move in
  • Renewed confidence and motivation 
  • Fresh focus, and an understanding of yourself, your goals and career values
  • Proactive, not reactive decision making approach
  • Plan to help you make your next transition.

Transition to TranZition is for working professionals who find themselves nearing or having reached a transition period in their career.  Be it a roadblock to, or uncertainty around what’s next, feeling dissatisfied with your career, or knowing where you want to go, but not how to get there. 

The course is not industry or role specific, but we find our approach is most applicable for those with a minimum of 5 years of work experience. No prior tertiary qualifications required.

Still not sure if this course is for you? Feel free to contact facilitator Denise on 0438 844 688, or via email or Skype (denneville88).

Denise is a certified Life Coach and Financial Mindset Coach with over 35 years experience across the corporate, NFP, government and entrepreneurship sectors. 

She is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Counselling and Emotional Freedom Technique, and is particularly passionate about helping people to break through negative money thoughts and transitions. Be it from one career step to another, or one way of thinking to another more effective, positive way that opens up new doors to success. 

Much of her work focuses on growth and wellbeing – helping people understand their fears and negative thought patterns, and understanding themselves – an element Denise sees as vital to any of her training.

As a course facilitator, Denise draws on her personal, industry and theoretical experience, while leveraging coaching techniques and a personable communication style. Her client feedback reflects her “innate ability to deal effectively and efficiently with identifying and focusing on her clients’ needs” and commitment to working in partnership with each client – to ensure strategy and solutions are designed to meet their desired outcomes. 

Denise is also the Co-Author of Creating your life: Mindfulness and Meditation.

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