Phase 2 is what we are going to focus on today as this where you start having Radar Signals flashing at you, you are feeling changes are going to occur,  something has happened and you are shifting, your thinking is different and you are trying to work out what is happening. This is your mini transition. You start to look at whether it is worth putting in the extra work to stay in your current Career/Job or transition out of it. If you choose to Transition this is your first stage of changing things and it can take a while to sort it out.

What we will be covering in this session:

  • You are starting to feel negative
  • You are being Reactive Instead of Proactive
  • You are feeling trapped


Download and complete your exercises for Phase 2

Exercise 2:  Your Attitude

This is a brief questionnaire of Negative thoughts, Reacting, feeling Trapped, Radar signals and Behaviours for you to start becoming aware of as these do affect your Attitude with others.  

Exercise 3: Behaviours

Time to become aware of your Behaviours. Take your time and take this opportunity as, learning more about yourself

Exercise 4: Moving from Reactive to Proactive 

This is where you are able to start learning about what triggers you to be Reactive in any way

Exercise 5:  Feeling Trapped 

Please add any others examples you can think of which make you feel trapped?

Exercise 6:   Question to reflect on if feeling trapped

Exercise 7:  Emotional Word Wheel

This is not an exercise, this is a Wheel which I feel can be very helpful with your thoughts and feelings. Exercise 8:  Reflection  –   Time to reflect on your learning.

8 – Reflection

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