I don’t want to turn out like my mother!

Have you ever had this thought?

This is not a question about disliking your mother or putting her down, this is about what things did your Mum do, say or act that made you think you do not want to do the same?

Many Mothers are role models for their daughters and sons. While growing up you may have noticed things which you have said to yourself, such as: ‘I am not going to turn out like her’ or ‘ I am not going to do that’.

The same thing could apply to you as a Mother, your children may think the same.

For example: she never achieved her full potential and that bugs you – So what are you doing about it so that you achieve your full potential Or, She never made the time to look at her weight, nutrition and general health – are you?

This is all part of Personal Development – it is what you want to achieve, learn or change personally.

We are all different and no one is the perfect person, it is about feeling okay with yourself, your decision, your growth.

There is a time now for an opportunity to do something about it NOW.

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