It is wonderful to see women connecting with each other


I have had some wonderful gatherings with women friends over the years, I have received so much  pleasure in watching women talking to each other about anything and feeling safe with each other, supporting each other, lending a helping hand, sharing their money if someone is short on cash, being there for each other without any demands, without judgements, basically being unconditional.

 Because of my positive experience, I started thinking about the definition of ‘Sisterhood’

Definition of ‘sisterhood’

an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade

Does this definition mean I have to belong to a society, religion or trade?, NO way. It is about a community of women with the same interest in mind, something you may have in common, meeting each other!

There are so many women who are lonely but they do not have to be – open up your heart, be honest, caring and sharing and before long, you will belong to a group of beautiful women.

Belonging to a group can sound awful as it could have connotations of, “you have to be accepted”, NO way! Belonging is, feeling safe with these women, caring for these women, belonging is about connecting. I would like to call these gatherings with awesome women >

What that means is, the women are connected in some way. It could be they all have children, they are all single, they are all single parenting, it is something they have in common. In some ways these groups could be called ‘Support Groups’ for a better name

So where do you find these women? Right next door, in a restaurant, the next street or neighbourhood, in a gym class, in a workshop, in a class, at work, through other friends, in a supermarket. They are out there just look.

Another way of finding other women is to start up a knitting, crocheting, sewing, singing, art, craft, writing, reading, dancing, exercise, cooking group. Other examples may include, a morning tea would be nice to share in each other’s home once a month, a wine tasting afternoon, sharing recipes etc…

If you feel you lack the confidence in group gatherings, I would love to work with you so that you can gain so much joy from the gatherings as I have.

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