Plantar Fasciitis

It has been four years since I started the journey of Plantar Fasciitis. Hands up anyone who has it?

I had determination, dedication, and a desire to solve this.

It has been one of the most debilitating ailments I have ever had. In the beginning, I could not walk as it was so painful to stand, it took quite a few times to get my legs going without too much pain. I cried and cried, was frustrated, annoyed, and angry, as well, I was trying to work out what could I do to conquer this.

This is the impact it had on my life: There were situations where I could not join in activities such as dancing, going in the ocean, walking fast, going for a jog, or joining in activities with grandchildren. Even walking around shopping, walking up mountains, and going to the gym. I did not feel as if wanted to get on my feet.

The scary part of it all has been not having stability in my feet, and not being confident my feet will hold me up.  The ocean is my best example. I am not one to go for heaps of swims or live in the ocean, but I do like to go into the ocean, especially with my grandchildren. I was too scared to go in because, when I was knocked down by a wave, it was very hard for me to get back up onto my feet. My feet had difficulty feeling grounded to the ocean bed, I would lose my balance at times and fall down, then another wave would come along and knock me down again. But it was not just the waves, it was feeling insecure as my feet did not feel as if they could stay stable on the ocean bed and that really scared me. It was that feeling of not having any control, awful.

On this horrible journey, I tried many things, such as: keeping moving, rolling my feet on a bottle of ice, stretching exercises, fascia tools, reflexology, shock wave therapy,  physio, and clinical pilates. Even keeping my feet warm,  acupuncture, massages, or rubbing oils/lotions into them. I also bought many different shoes trying to find the right ones. I never gave up as I was determined to cure myself. There were suggestions of seeing a Podiatrist to have orthotics, but I was not keen on that, as I felt that was a ‘band-aid’ fix.

I never gave in, I was so determined to conquer this, to find the solutions which were going to work for me. Negative thoughts would pop into my head saying, ‘it is impossible, ‘everyone I talk to, says there is no cure, ‘this is it forever, but I was determined, dedicated, and had the desire to conquer.   NEVER give in.

Here is the good news. On Tuesday 29th November 2022, I had a couple of appointments in the city with clients. After those appointments, I thought I would take the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping. As I was meeting clients, I wore a good pair of dress shoes (not my normal worn-out comfy ones which my feet love). As a backup, I did pack my worn out comfy ones (in case my feet played up).

I shopped for a couple of hours with a lot of walking. My feet did not hurt once. When I arrived home I was not in a hurry to take off the good shoes, ( I am always busting to put on my comfy worn-out shoes) nor did my feet feel sore – I had conquered!

That was one of my best days in four years. My determination, dedication, and desire to resolve had paid off. I am not saying I am 100% cured, but, and it is a big BUT, I have come such a long way over the past four years. I have learned what suits my feet in regard to shoes, therapy, and how to look after them.

My test will be when I go into the ocean to see if I feel stable. To see if I get knocked down by a wave and get up and keep my balance. To be able to walk on a slope and not feel as if I am going to fall over the side, to join in a physical game and to not cry.

If you currently have Plantar Fasciitis, may I please suggest do not give in, and go searching for your cure

My motto was:

                        Determination, dedication, and desire

Much love

Denise  xx  🦋

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