Forgiveness can be such a hard one to get your head around, because seriously if someone has really hurt you, why should you forgive them? After all, they have hurt you really badly.

You are the one who is owed an apology not the other way around, forgiving them for what they have done, really??

But how long do you want to hang onto this hurt? What is it doing to you by hanging onto it?

Forgiveness does not mean forgetting what happened nor excusing the person for the harm done to you or even making up with the person who hurt you. You are not forgiving the hurt someone has done to you, it is about forgiving yourself for the anger, hurt, sadness, and bitterness you have. Making a decision to let go of resentment, revenge, bitterness, and sadness is what you need to let go of because if you don’t it will eat at you.

You may choose to accept that what happened is now in the past, recognise that people make mistakes, and begin cultivating passion instead.

Forgiveness is about letting go of the feelings you have towards that person and the feelings which are making you ill – you are not forgiving them.

If this type of hurt has happened to you before then may I suggest to work on yourself, learn about yourself, learn whether you are letting the right type of people into your life

Holding onto your anger only hurts you, it does not hurt the other person – let go and open up possibilities for a better life.

If it is possible look at the person who hurt you in a different way, what I mean by that is, try and see why that person is the way they are. Now, this does not mean it was okay what they did, but it may help you to move on.

Forgiveness brings peace, and calmness so that you can continue on with your life.

If it is possible ask yourself what have you learned from the experience. This may help you also.

If none of the above help, please, please, seek professional help.

Much love

Denise xx  🦋

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