I was listening to a talk last week and the word ‘discipline’ was used. It was interesting to notice my reaction to the word. First of all I sat up very straight, then I felt very tight in my gut and then I thought of school. How many times did the teachers say to the class, ‘you must be disciplined’ , if you are not disciplined you will not pass, only disciplined students will succeed, you must be disciplined in your training

Boy what a reaction I got with that one. It had nothing to do with the speaker, it was more my interpretation of the word. What does discipline mean for  you?

Now, many years later after leaving school, I can acknowledge I look at the word ‘discipline’ totally differently. Yes, being disciplined at school is very important, and it is still important.

By me being disciplined now, I succeed, I achieve, I conquer, I manifest, I build, I grow and I become.

I would love to hear what the word ‘Discipline’ means for you?

If ever you think you are unemployable take yourself off to see ‘The Intern’ starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.

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