DAY 5: You

Hello, welcome to the very last day of your course.

Congratulations!!! YOU have done all the groundwork, now be YOU and make what YOU want, BE YOU

From the last four days of exercises (and you may want to include the (Warm-Up) exercise), have a look at your findings and consider them, when writing what you want to do.

Go back over any notes that you may have jotted down in your journal/notebook before making your final decision.

Also, if you wish to continue on and learn more and want to enroll in the Transition to TranZition™ Course, I am happy to deduct this cost from the Transition to TranZition™ course.

Thank you so much for booking into this course. I am very grateful and honoured.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping you gain clarity and the career/job you want.

much love


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