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Hello, Welcome to the 5 Day Kickstart Your Career Course.

This is a short 5-day course that will help you start to gain an idea about what you would like or are interested in doing for a career/job.

Sometimes what can happen is, that we can get so caught up in I must do this, I must do that because…… what I would like you to have while doing this course is having an ‘insight’ into YOU. Understanding what it is you would really, really like to do.

As this is a short 5-day course it will not take up a great deal of your time. If you are an eager, beaver you may want to complete it in 5 days. My suggestion is, to try and do this course over the 5 days as it will give you the opportunity to stop and reflect on the exercise you have just completed, great reference material.

The very first exercise, which is under the heading ‘Before You Begin’ is a warm-up exercise called Self-Awareness.

This will help you start thinking about yourself, understanding a bit more about your likes, dislikes, fears, passions etc

Each day I have included an exercise about being ‘grateful’. I encourage you to complete this exercise as sometimes we forget about what we have accomplished, be it small or large

In the 5 days you are going to be looking at:

·Past jobs
·Your Attitude
·Thinking a bit deeper about your career
·Clarifying what you would like to do.

Resources for each day:

A pen or pencil

A notebook, journal, or some paper

The exercises or worksheets for each day

Allow 30 – 40 minutes for each exercise

A refreshment

Soft music, if you wish

Please learn from this short course, send me an email if you have any questions, and be very open-minded.

This course is not intended to upset you or cause you stress. If, for any reason you have these symptoms, please cease doing the course and seek help. This is a self-help course about your Career/Job.

much love


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